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Have you ever been to Korea? Would you like to travel there? And your trip would be like in the Korean Dramas? Come and join us…



  • You can choose your own date and month to fly and we will greet you at the airport. Tell us your desired adventures and we arranged it for you.
  • The moment you arrived is the minutes we start capturing your photos. Do you know airport fashion? Great! All Koreans are crazy about the fashionable airport styles. Airport gate is a gate ‘Into The New World’.
  • Your guide is a cheerful Malaysian and a sweet Korean, don’t worry you will meet/speak either ones along your reservation.
  • “The best stay in one places is a house!” and “A nice cozy bed to rest is a hotel!”. Well, choose your best memories to be captured.
  • All prices is fix, according to your plans. Because you are our friends to be; It’s an arrangement to understand your needs. 사랑해요 ^^ 우리 친구야~~~

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